Honeymoon in Ethiopia

Combining the fabulous culture and landscapes of Ethiopia, with the golden sands and azure waters of the spice islands, this unforgettable honeymoon adventure takes you from the source of the Blue Nile to the exotic shores of Zanzibar.

Ideal for those looking for adventure and romance in equal measure, you’ll begin the journey in the Ethiopian highlands, where you’ll have a chance to take to the waters of Lake Tana, visit the captivating castles and churches of Gonder and explore the remarkable rock-hewn churches of Lalibela. In the remote northern mountains you’ll also experience a unique two-day trek amongst the rural villages, providing an incomparable insight into the lives of these traditional and remote communities.

Your journey then ends beside the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, where you will spend the last five days enjoying the tranquility of a family run lodge on the historic spice island of Zanzibar. With time to relax, explore and indulge yourselves, your time here will be finished off with a private dinner on the beach, the ideal end to a perfect honeymoon.

Addis Ababa

Bordering the Great Rift Valley, Addis Ababa is a unique highland capital cities in the Ethiopia. Be inspired by the marvellous neo-classical architecture such as the Holy Trinity Cathedral. Go up to Entoto Hill for a clear cityscape view. Some interesting museum attractions include the National Museum where you can see the famous early hominid – Lucy, the Red Terror Martyrs Memorial Museum and the Ethnological Museum. Go on for a shopping spree at Merkato, Chiromeda Market and Sholla Market.

Erta Ale

Behold the world’s oldest and most spectacular active lava lake. To reach this place, you have to travel on a 4WD tours amidst the typical “African massage” road. A must see for the adventurous honeymooners, it will feel likes you are travelling to the centre of the earth. Smoky hot!


The ancient highland city of Lalibela is worth your every visit. Explore the world famous Rock-Hewn Churches of Lalibela, check out the world cultural center to learn more about the history of Lalibela. Continue your hike to the gorgeuos Asheton Maryam Monastery, Tomb of Adam and Abune Yosef. Don’t forget to marvel at the breathtaking views of the surrounding nature.


Step back into time in the land of kings and aristocrats. Sounds like Game of Thrones, right. Gonder is the historical site of Ethiopia, it is often called the ‘Camelot’ of Africa. Don’t miss an adventurous hike in Simien Mountains National Park as well as visit some of the historic architecture like Fasil Ghebbi castle, Fasiladas Bath Timket, Debre Berhan Selassie Church and many rustic buildings.

Omo National Park and River

Home to an amazing species of wildlife, Omo National Park and River is one of the must visit destinations for the romantic couple. Spot mammals and birds in their natural habitat while you marvel at the majestic river-land views around you.

Lake Tana and Blue Nile Falls

Visit the peninsula of Lake Tana, the source of the Blue Nile falls, and enjoy the inspiring views of the landscape with more than 20 historic monastery that have been there since the 14th century. Take your time and enjoy the view of Tana, the largest lake in Ethiopia. After the lake view, head down to the splendid Blue Nile Falls, feel the refreshing breeze and thunderous sounds of the falls.

Bale Mountains

The magical beauty of Bale Mountains is limitless. Perhaps it is one of the most charming national parks in Africa due to its cool comfy weather. The park is divided into 5 unique climatic parks. Walk to the Gaysay Grasslands (Northern Grasslands) and spot animals such as warthog, golden jackal as well as interesting birds such as Abyssinian ground hornbill, marsh harrier and more. Visit the tropical Juniper Woodlands for some quiet nature walk and don’t miss the heavenly Alfroalpine Meadows (Sanetti Plateau and Upper Web Valley). Take a romantic walk to the 2 mossy forest parts of the park, the Erica Belt (Moorlands and Forests) and the Harenna Forest.

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