• Gondar

    Gondar became the capital of the Ethiopian empire when emperor Fasiladas decided to move to it in 1636. Gondar remained…

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  • Chapel of the tablet

    The Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion is said to have existed in some form on this spot since…

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  • Urban Hyenas

    Ethiopia is somewhat unique among African countries because the people there believe that hyenas consume bad spirits. Because of this…

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  • Bete Giyorgis of lalibela

    Lalibela is best known as the king who ordered the construction of 11 monolithic stone churches found in the town…

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  • Afar rift

    In the remote Afar depression in northern Ethiopia, the African Continent is slowly splitting apart and a new ocean is…

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  • Dallol

    The volcano is one of the lowest volcanic vents in the world, but it is Dallol’s hot springs that make…

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